5 de diciembre de 2012

Entrevista a Becca Fitzpatrick sobre Hush Hush La Pelicula en Español...Nuevas Noticias- Habra Pelicula!

Estoy muy emocionada de que los derechos cinematográficos de la saga Hush, Hush hayan sido adquiridos por LD Entertainment. 

Sé que tienen muchas preguntas acerca de lo que esto significa. Por favor tome un momento para leer la siguiente información para las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes de cine.

¿Qué significa exactamente cuando los derechos cinematográficos de un libro se venden?
Esto significa que he llegado a un acuerdo con una compañía de producción (LD Entertainment), lo que les permite participar en actividades de desarrollo y producción (tales como la puesta en marcha de un script) basado en el libro(s).

Cuando los derechos de una película se son comprados. Significa el libro sin duda se convertirá en una película?
No hay garantías en la industria del cine, pero las cosas están avanzando en la dirección correcta.

¿Qué va a pasar ahora que los derechos cinematográficos han sido adquiridos?
Un guión será escrito y refinado. Los próximos pasos incluyen la búsqueda de un director, el elenco y el financiamiento de finalizar la producción.

¿Vas a escribir el guión?
No, en realidad Patrick Sean Smith ha sido el encargado de escribir el guion de Hush, Hush .

Quiero hacer una audición para la película, ¿debo contactarte?
El proceso de casting no se ha iniciado ni lo hará durante algún tiempo. Una vez el casting se inicie, voy a  segurarme de pasar toda la información que tengo.

¿Quién va a interpretar a Patch en la película?
Eso es seguro que será una gran noticia cuando suceda, pero como he mencionado anteriormente: el Casting no ha comenzado todavía.

Osea, si habrá película ;-D

Noticias mas Recientes 2014

Hush Hush Movie News!! Becca answer some questions about it!!

I'm really excited that the movie rights for the Hush, Hush Saga have been optioned by LD Entertainment. You can read the announcement here.    

I know you have LOTS of questions about what this means.  Please take a moment to read the information below for the answers to some frequently asked movie questions. 

What exactly does it mean when the film rights to a book are sold?
It means that I have entered into an agreement with a production company (LD Entertainment), allowing them to engage in development and production activities (such as commissioning a script) based on the book(s).
When movie rights are optioned does it mean the book will definitely become a movie?
There are no guarantees in the movie business, BUT things are definitely moving in the right direction.
What happens now that the movie rights have been optioned?
A script will be written and refined.  Next steps include finding a director, cast and finalizing production financing.

Will you write the script?
No, actually Patrick Sean Smith has been commissioned to write the Hush, Hush script.

I want to audition for the movie, should I contact you?
The casting process has not started nor will it for some time. Once casting does begin, I will be sure to pass along any information I have.  

Who will play Patch in the movie?
That is sure to be big news when it happens, but as I mentioned above: Casting has not yet begun.

Yes people, we will have a movie!! ;-D

1 de diciembre de 2012

Hush Hush Series The Movie- Becca Fitzpatrick.....There will be a movie??

Well, that's the question we all ask,, there will be a movie or not? So far we have only pure assumptions based on an interview that was done to the editors of the series Simon & Schuster's about this last year.

There have been many speculations about alleged actors who could play Patch and Nora in this exciting story, but really the only person who has been identified with the series is the Model Drew Doyon, appearing on the covers of the books as Patch.

There are many conflicting opinions regarding this movie, some say they do not want it because it would hurt the story, unlike others, say they would love to see the series on the big screen, and it would definitely be better than Twilight advertising monster.

It is no a secret that the film production companies are making films based on stories of books that have become famous. Signs of this are: Twilight, The Hunger Games, The Host, and many others.

I would like to see Hush Hush on the big screen, rumored Summit Entertainment (the same producer of Twilight) has bought the rights to bring the saga to a movie, is just wait to the next year, and see what news we got.

For those who have not read the appointed interview, here's a mix with the author and Simon & Schuster's who are in charge of Marketing.

R-Hi Becca, first tell us a quick intro about HUSH, HUSH.

Becca: Sure! It's a dark love story about a girl who falls in love with a fallen angel with a dark agenda needs a girl who can turn into a human. He has been labeled as paranormal romance, but also has great psychological thriller.

R-HUSH, HUSH focuses on a mythological Angel. Can you tell us why you decided to write about angels and mythology?

Becca: Truth be told, I never thought to write about fallen angels. About a boy wanted escibir relamente (definiately) bad. Not only that, but a bad boy who turned out to be ... Good. A boy who has fallen from grace for someone sinister, sexy and dangerous. About that, the metamorphosis of "fall" is what I was going around in my head and literally did the fallen angel. And when you think about it, the original fallen angels are the bad guys. The best bad guys xD.

R-Let's talk about Patch. Does the reader will be able to know at some point everything about her mysterious past? What actually likes to cook or something that somehow manages?

Becca: Readers will delve into his past in Hush, Hush. They will know how he came to be who he is now as you read the story, I do not think he wants to know!. If you enjoy cooking, you facina, because he can not ... Well, I do not want arruinarselos.

R-What makes Hush, Hush different from all the other romantic fantasy books?

S & S: Hush, Hush is simply brilliant, well written, has strong characters. What more can we say?

R-Who will personify in the movie Patch Hush, hush?

S & S: We thought about it, we decided that Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) has dark hair, eyes and personality to the character. know that he can control his American accent ...

R-What has been the reaction of the marketing they have done?

S & S: It was brilliant, all bloggers are very excited about the book (including me xD) and those who have read it love. There seems to be a lot of excitement about Hush, hush-which is a good sign.

Who do you think would win a battle between Edward and Patch?
Difficult. Very Difficult

R-Nora Who acted in the movie?

S & S: We selected Selena Gomez, has dark hair and eyes and beautiful face Nora's age.

R-Why do you think everyone loves the bad guy?

S & S: I think we are loved because they are a challenge. In literature, the emotion is the mystery of what will happen when they are supposed to love the bad guy ends and seeking redemption.
I think another strong element is the bad guy in the eyes of the protagonist, the connection with them despite the storyline ...