2 de octubre de 2012

Fan Day!!

For you that are the Fan Number One of Hush Hush we have the Fan Day!!

We are getting ready to receive the 4th and last one book of the Saga Finale, and we want to make something special for you!!

We wanna make a day just for Hush Hush Fans!! But How??

Will post just things make by fans of Hush Huhs in our page on Facebook  and on this blog. If you have written a Fanfic, made pics, wrote a poem, a song, have taken pretties pics with your book and etc. Then you are a Really Fan of Hush Huhs and this your Day!!

You Just have to let your Fan Art in a comment on this article, or in our page on facebook and that's all!

The exposition of all those things will be posted in our Facebook Page from  Sunday 21 to Saturday 27 of this month.

This is the way we'll celebrate the realase of Finale, Join Us!!

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